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Tourism English Kèm theo đĩa MP3

Tác giả: LiveABC
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Giá bán:236.000
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Tourism English, tác giả LiveABC, giá bìa 236.000đ tại www.vnnetbook.com

Thank you for your interest in Tourism English – A Hands-On Course for Tourism Professionals. This book is arranged to benefit anyone involved in, studying, or simply curious about the tourism industry. An ever-expanding industry, tourism employs individuals in every country in the world. It also touches most everyone, as we all play the part of tourist at some point in our lives. We believe Tourism English covers all of the topics relevant to this field.

As the title indicates, Tourism English covers travel. We stress the four skills of language learning – listening, speaking, reading and writing – showing learners how to deal with industry-related issues in English. As with other publications in this series, Tourism English has well-defined goals, and each lesson follows a certain structure. We begin with a Picture Dictionary, followed by several useful dialogues. The dialogues are accompanied by a Word Focus, which isolates key vocabulary and presents Usage Tips. The lessons include a Putting Language to Use section to encourage learners to practice new words and sentence patterns in a fun and interactive way.

Tourism English is divided into eight distinct topics. We start off by looking at airport departure and arrival procedures. The first lesson deals with luggage check-in, security and immigration, boarding and taking off, and filling out forms. From there, we move on to staying at a hotel, eating out, and transportation. Chapter Five covers the tricky task of asking for and receiving directions. Besides providing vocabulary, we also run over map reading. Chapter Six takes on emergencies, such as illnesses, car troubles, and lost items. The last two chapters bring us to the brighter side of tourism, namely, spending money and visiting interesting places. They are entitled Shopping and Sightseeing, respectively.

Tourism professionals are, naturally, our first consideration in undertaking such a project. But we understand tourism reaches around the globe and influences most people in one way or another. In laying out the lessons, we have kept this in mind. We are sure you will agree English is the world’s most common language. Whether you are a tourism professional or simply a tourist, English opens doors and makes life easier. We hope you enjoy Tourism English, and that it helps you reach your goals.

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  • Tác giảLiveABC
  • Kích thước21×28cm
  • Thể loạiSách Tiếng Anh Khác
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    • Bìa mềm
    • 168 trang
    • Tổng hợp tpHCM
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