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Toeic Training Listening Comprehension 730

Tác giả: Jim lee
Nhà xuất bản: Tổng Hợp HCM

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Giá bán:248.000
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Toeic Training Listening Comprehension 730

Training course: Comprehensive practice 
Part 1 & 2 Studying Types of questions
Part 1: Studying types of questions: 
1. At the computer
2. At the library/bookstore 
3. At the store
4. At the square
5. At the barber shop 
6. In the house
7. In the office
8. At the train station
9. Riding a bike
10. At an outdoor cafe
11. Looking at a document
12. Talking on the phone
13. Shopping at a store
14. Greeting each other
15. Taking a measurement
16. Studying a menu 
17. Construction is in progress
18. The dishes are stacked up 
19. Tables are arranged outside
20. Leaving the bus
Part 2: Studying types of questions
1. Who has the keys? 
2. Will you be there? 
3. How about some lunch? 
4. What do you want to do? 
5. Where should I put it?
6. Where it is? 
7. When does it start? 
8. What's in it? 
9. Who is in charge of it? 
10. It was great. 
11. Why are you doing that? 
12. Let's do something
13.  Why isnt it here?
14. Who will be coming?
15. Haven't you learned it?
16. When is he free?
17. Do you want this or that?
18. You will go, won't you?
19. Did you by chance call?
20. Shouldnt you do it?
21. What should I get? 
22. He is sick.
23. Isn't he excited?
24. It's okay, isn't it? 
25. Have you heard? 
26. Why don't we go? 
27. Let's do it. 
28. How many hours to go?
29. How many are there?
30. I thought so? 
31.How many prople will go?
32. What did he say?
33. Who is helping you?
34. Did he go?
35. When does he usually come? 
36. Who is going to take you? 
37. Why is it so expensive?
38. How long were you there?
39. Are there any extras? 
40. What do you do? 
41. Let's do another day.
42. Where should I put this?
43. When will it be held? 
44. What should I do with it?
45. Who is going to take us?
46. Can we still buy some tickets?
47. Would you like to borrow it?
48. Aren't these yours?
49. When can you come over?
50. The room is dark.
51. Is he going to read it over?
52. Why is it locked?
53. When should I reserve it?
54. Why don't we check it out?
55. That's yours, isn't it?
56. Should I do this or that?
57. Why don't we take a plane?
58. We should call first.
59. Why were some of the people let go?
60. I will be taking off soon. 
Training course B: Comprehensive practice 
Part 3 & 4: Studying types of questions
1. What's the problem?
2. Where are they?
3. When will she make the speech?
4. What did the man forget to bring?
5. What is he doing? 
6. What was supposed to happen?
7. Why does the woman turn down the invitation?
8. Why is the woman making the call? 
9. Why will the attend the seminar?
10. What did Ken do for the man? 
11. What did the boss ask you to do?
12. What did the salesperson do for the speaker?
13. Why can't the speaker provide an answer?
 14. Where will the speaker most likely go next?
15. What did the company recently do?
16. What does the speaker wish to do?
17. Why hasn't the speaker taken off yet?
18. What happened yesterday?
19. Why is the speaker making the call? 
20. What did the speaker do this morning?
Part 4: Studying types of questions
1. When will the meeting start? 
2. What is sold at the store?
3. What is the main purpose of the call? 
4. What is being mentioned by the speaker? 
5. How long will this cold weather last? 
6. Who is Arnold? 
7. What has Ms. Penelope done this year?
8. How long will the sale last?
9. How many talks will be given?
10. Who is giving the talk?
11. Who is Goliath? 
12. What is the main purpose of the call?
13. When will the library close? 
14. Who most likely is Tom?
15. What did Ms. MacDonald do last year? 
16. What is being mentioned about this evening's workshop?
17. What is being offered for a limited time?
18. What is scheduled to happen in the next few weeks?
19. What change will take place during this year's event/
20. What is the speaker explaining?
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  • Tác giảJim lee
  • Kích thước18,5x26 cm
  • Trọng lượng(gram)800 gram
  • Năm xuất bản2011
  • Thể loạiSách Luyện Thi Toeic
  • Điểm nổi bật
    • Bìa mềm
    • 412 trang
    • Tổng Hợp HCM
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