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TOEFL Junior – 10 Practice Tests | vnnetbook kèm theo đĩa mp3

Tác giả: New Oriental Education & Technology Group
Nhà xuất bản: Nhà xuất bản tổng hợp thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

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Giá bán:360.000
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 TOEFL Junior – 10 Practice Tests, tác giả New Oriental Education & Technology Group, giá bìa 360.000đ tại www.vnnetbook.com

This book has been written by two specialists and qualified teachers who are highly experienced in training learners for TOEFL Junior tests. Basing on the TOEFL Junior Official Test-Preparation Guide, they have produced ten simulation tests, which are really useful for those who are about to take the test and also for those who want to improve their English ability.

Below are the main features of the book:

It consists of 10 simulation tests that are all necessary for candidates-to-be.

The 10 tests in the book provide learners with valuable insight into real TOEFL Junior tests as well as familiarize them with the test format so as to prepare well for the success in their actual test.

The materials are well selected.

Almost all of the materials in the book have been taken from sources written in English-speaking countries and well selected, so the English language used is authentic and modern.

The text types are varied.

Learners will find a variety of text types ranging from classroom instructions, conversations, academic talks to notices, articles, letters and stories, which are frequently given in real TOEFL Junior tests.

An MP3 CD is provided.

An MP3 CD going with the book and the full audio scripts provided will certainly facilitate learners’ practice.

Hopefully, you will find the book extremely helpful for your test preparation and also for your English improvement.

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