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Restaurant English một đĩa MP3 và 1 đĩa DVD

Tác giả: LiveABC
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Giá bán:230.000
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Restaurant English, tác giả LiveABC, giá bìa 230.000đ tại www.vnnetbook.com

Welcome to Restaurant English, the newest addition to LiveABC’s Practical English for Professionals textbooks series. Designed for intermediate-level students. Restaurant English is a comprehensive introduction to the English you need to succeed in today’s modern restaurant industry.

Though aimed at restaurant professionals, Restaurant English is equally useful for tourists, students living abroad, and businessmen – in fact, anyone who travels for business or pleasure. Now let’s take a look at some of the features that make Restaurant English such an orignial and exciting textbook.

The focus of Restaurant English is on listening and speaking to help learners develop the skills they need to effectively provide great service in English. In addition, the book contains introductory activities, vocabulary sections, focused grammar practice, and communicative functional exercises to familiarize students with how restaurant staff and guests interact.

Restaurant English is divided into ten units covering the full range of restaurant roles and services. The textbook methodically details the resposibilities of the maitres d’, host or hostess, waiter or waitress, bartender, sommelier, or wine steward, and even busboy. We show students how to take reservations, set tables, set guests, take food and drink orders, explain menus, and present bills. We also introduce different types of restaurant and restautrant setups. Each unit in Restaurant English begins with an overview of what will be learned, along with preview questions to encourage students to talk, personalize the topics, and share background knowledge. This is followed by our newly desinged Warm-Up Activities, which will make classes livelier and more students-centered. Then, situational dialogues give learners a chance to practice listening and speaking. We reinforce these dialogues give learners a chance to preacitce listening and speaking. We reinforce these dialogues with a Language Checklist page consisting of grammar points, sentence patterns, useful expressions, word usage, and cultural insights. Each units ends with a Listen Up activity to enhance students’ listening comprehension, a Say It Out Loud page to push students to practice speaking one more time, and a Further Practice component

Whether you planning for career in the restaurant industry or already work at a restaurant and need to improve your English, Restaurant English is sure to provide you with the language training you need. Remember that everyone has to eat, so no matter who you are, this textbok is for you.

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  • Tác giảLiveABC
  • Kích thước21×28cm
  • Thể loạiSách Tiếng Anh Khác
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    • Bìa mềm
    • 152 trang
    • Tổng hợp tpHCM
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