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LinguaForum TOEFL iBT i-Writing | vnnetbook bao gồm Course Book, Scripts & Answers và một đĩa MP3

Tác giả: LinguaForum, dịch giả: Lê Huy Lâm
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Giá bán:198.000
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LinguaForum TOEFL iBT i-Writing, tác giả  LinguaForum, giá bìa 114.000đ tại wwww.vnnetbook.com

The Writing section of the TOEFL iBT measures your ability to write in English in an academic setting. While writing is already believed by many foreign language learners to be the most difficult skill to master, the iBT writing tasks have added the level of difficulty by requiring you to combine information from reading and listening. This type of writing is referred to as integrated writing and has posed a great challenge to test takers, who have never seen anything like that in either earlier versions of the test or other English proficiency tests in use.

LinguaForum TOEFL iBT i-Writing (New Edition) has been designed to help you prepare for the Writing section of the TOEFL iBT. The book contains easy-to-understand and practical explanations on how to prepare for the independent writing task as well as the integrated task, which is based on reading and listening passages. Special features of this book include:

Overviews of Independent and Integrated Writing tasks where you can find essential information related to each task such as directions, general strategies, the essay format and score rubric.

A realistic and effective plan to build up your writing and test-taking skills. The chapters in each part will take you through steps on how to prepare for the traditional essay (independent writing) and write the reading and listening based writing task.

Useful Expressions sections to highlight expressions and structures that can be used to make your writing more effective. 

Practice exercises, progressive tests and two complete writing tests to monitor your progress and familiarize you with actual test formatting and timing.

Improving your writing skills is not something that can be achieved overnight, but it is not necessarily too difficult to achieve – in term of academic writing. While diligent work is required as a prerequisite, it does not guarantee success if you do not possess and effective tool to help you build up and develop your writing skills.

LinguaForum TOEFL iBT i-Writing is such a tool for you.

Thông số sản phẩm
  • Tác giả LinguaForum
  • Dịch giảLê Huy Lâm
  • Kích thước21,5×27,5cm
  • Thể loạiTOEFL iBT
  • Điểm nổi bật
    • bìa mềm
    • 302 trang
    • nhà xuất bản tổng hợp tphcm
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