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Listen carefully - Luyện kỹ năng nghe tiếng Anh

, dịch giả: Hồng Đức
Nhà xuất bản: NXB Văn Hóa Thông Tin

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Giá bán:65.000
Còn hàng
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Giá bán:65.000
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Giá bìa chưa giảm: 28000đ
02 CD = 24000đ; Giá bìa + 02 CD = 56000đ, giảm giá còn 44800đ

To the teacher:
Listen carefully is a book of listening practice activities for adult and young adult students of English at elementary level. It can be used either in the classroom with guidance from the teacher or as a self-study book for the student working alone. It is also suitable for use in a language laboratory.

The recorderd material is provided two C90 cassettes. It contains a variety of voices and British accents. Some of the situational dialogues involve foreign visitors to Britain and contain American, Australian and non-native speakers. The timing of each activity is given in the transcript.

Listen carefully contains fifteen topic-based units which cover a wide variety of everyday situations. Within each unit activities are grouped into sections around one aspect of  the topic. Material can easily be selected for practice with reference to the Contents. We strongly advise teachers ti work through complete sections of a unit in order for the sequencing of exercise types to be effective. The key and transcript are given at the back of the book.

To the studen:
Listen carefully helps you to practise listening to English and to understand what you hear. Two C90 cassettes go with this book. There are 15 units on everyday topics like food, shopping and holidays. You can do the units in any order but the ones at the beginning of the book are easier than the units at the end.

Enjoy your listerning!

MC Book - Trân trọng giới thiệu !

Thông số sản phẩm
  • Dịch giảHồng Đức
  • Kích thước16x24 cm
  • Trọng lượng(gram)150 gram gram
  • Năm xuất bản2011
  • Thể loạiLuyện Nghe Tiếng Anh
  • Điểm nổi bật
    • Bìa mềm
    • 95 trang
    • NXB Văn Hóa Thông Tin
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